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Idea and History


The picture cycles of Neuschwanstein were inspired by the operas of Richard Wagner. The pictures were modelled on the medieval legends that the composer had also taken as the basis for his works.

Link to the Sigurd saga

The walls of the Lower Hall are painted with scenes from the Sigurd saga.


Link to the Gudrun saga

The Gudrun saga in the paintings of the Upper Hall continues on from the Sigurd saga.


Link to the saga of Tristan and Isolde

Tristan and Isolde
In the bedroom there are scenes from Tristan and Isolde.


Link to the Parzival saga

The Singers' Hall is decorated with murals illustrating the Parzifal saga.


Link to the Lohengrin saga

In the Salon the Parzival cycle is continued with the adventures of his son Lohengrin.


Link to the Tannhäuser saga

The Study has scenes from the tragic life of the minnesinger Tannhäuser.


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