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Main information:

Guided tours / Tickets


A visit to Neuschwanstein Castle is only possible as part of a guided tour.

Tickets for Neuschwanstein Castle are available online at www.hohenschwangau.de.

Remaining tickets are available on site at the Ticket Center Hohenschwangau, subject to availability and exclusively for the same day. Reservations are not possible.

Picture: Singers' Hall


News about the restoration

The labour-intensive restoration work on the unique works of art, which began in 2017, is gradually taking place in all the showrooms, ancillary rooms and functional rooms accessible to visitors. The famous Singers' Hall and the magnificent Throne Hall have already been completely restored. The entire work is expected to be completed by autumn 2024.

Due to ongoing restoration work, filming in the interior of Neuschwanstein Castle - even outside regular opening hours - is unfortunately not possible until further notice.

Image: Upper castle courtyard

Things to know about your visit

Rucksacks, prams, child carriers, and similar bulky objects may not be taken into the castle. Please leave these items in your car or bus.

Animals are not permitted in the castle.

No photographing or filming is allowed in the castle. Photo and film shoots are basically subject to approval and charges. Here you will find information on photography permits / film permits. Taking pictures of the outside of the buildings for private use does not require a permit.

We also provide you with image and film material that you may use free of charge on your own website under certain conditions; click here to download image material or download footage.

The Bavarian Palace Administration however sees the operation of drones as a serious potential risk for Neuschwanstein Castle and its visitors. We are thus exercising our householder’s right in accordance with the German constitution (§ 903 BGB) to forbid the launching or landing of drones on our property as well as the flying of drones over it, based on the interests involved and the crowds of people at Neuschwanstein Castle. Aerial photography and filming is also prohibited out of respect for the personal rights of our visitors.

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