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Tour of the castle

Picture: Servants' Room

Servants' room

The tour of the palas (the residential part of a medieval castle) begins with a view into the servants' rooms with authentic oak furnishings on the first upper floor.

The rooms on the second floor were never finished and today house a shop, a cafeteria and a multimedia room.

The apartments and state rooms of the king are on the third and fourth floors.

Picture: Study (detail)

If you would like to follow the original route through the king's rooms, please start in the internal link Lower Hall.

Please click on a room for a view of the interior:

Picture: Historic kitchenAfter the guided tour, which ends on the 2nd floor (shop, cafeteria, multimedia-room), the internal link historic kitchen on the ground floor can be viewed.


Please note: On the page "Building history" you will find a internal link plan of the castle complex.


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